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New Training

  •   Home Automation - Assessment   This assessment will give you an opportunity to demonstrate your mastery of Lennar’s Home Automation package offering.
  •   Home Automation - Amazon Services   A big piece of the value our homeowners will experience from our home automation offering rests in the assurance that all the technology will be supported by Amazon expertise.  We will learn more about what the homeowners can expect to experience with Amazon Services. In this course we will discuss the appointment, in-home setup, and Amazon support.  Please allow 10 minutes for this course.
  •   Home Automation - Buyer Segments and FAQs  

    Continuing our conversation about linking the customers’ needs and wants to what a Lennar home can offer; this course will help us learn more about how to share Lennar Home Automation with homebuyers. In this module will be covering typical buyer segments and frequently asked questions. Please allow eight minutes for this course.

  •   Home Automation - NHC Demonstration Role Play  

    Now is an opportunity to put together all of the information we've learned so far, and see and practice what all of the pieces look like when you put them together with a real potential homeowner. During this course we will see portions of the sales process and some sample interactions between an NHC and a potential homeowner.  Please allow 10 minutes for this course.